Because Seth never comments.


So Hubby went off to play games* with some buddies while I was Otherwise Occupied**.  Then he started texting me how much everyone loves my blog.

My blog. That I haven’t posted on since waaaaay before Donald Trump was a serious presidential contender***.

Apparently I’m hilarious. And brilliant (new word alert!  “brillarious”. Or “hilliant”. I’m leaning toward brillarious, hilliant sounds too much like a Hillary Clinton sycophant. But I digress)

People, I’m an artist. I need validation and flattery and fawning to stroke my fragile but oversized ego and spur me to greater brillariousness……. Ok that’s a lie. Fawning and flattery make me all awkwardly embarrassed, which I guess is its own kind of funny so go ahead if it amuses you. Sicko.

But I’m just saying …..the occasional comment would increase the likelihood of getting another brillarious blog post for your amusement.  Or at least getting one before the increasingly likely “Leonard drinks because good grief Donald Trump is president there is not enough wine in the WORLD” entry…..

Just saying.

*what games, I don’t know. Board games? Mind games? Tennis? Could be anything. 

**so many reasons for Leonard to drink

***so, SO many…….


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