About Me

This page is waaaaaay out of date.  Two years and a divorce and another baby and a few more things out of date.  I’ll fix it eventually, but in the meantime it’s staying because I still think it’s funny, and it’s my blog.  Of course I think a wine bottle holder shaped like a unicorn is funny………..


Full-time stay at home mom of four, including a 20 year college student with hair straight out of a 1970’s hippy band.  I braid it for him every night so he can comb it out in less than an hour in the morning.

Full-time homeschool mom to the three younger ones, including a 12 year old theater kid.  This means every math lesson is a three act Greek tragedy, and every bedtime a full blown musical production, complete with intermission for cocktails.

Part-time co-manager of a complicated and ongoing remodeling project.

Even more part-time writer, with at least four projects going simultaneously, and by “going” I mean “crawling like a snail who’s been drinking with Leonard and also smoking some very choice weed”.

I confidently expect one of those projects to see the light of day around the same time George R R Martin wraps up “A Song of Fire and Ice”, or when we finally get flying cars.  Whichever comes second.

In my spare time, I make jewellry, play guitar, and try to learn Spanish.  Yeah, Golly Gee-willikers Batman, it’s no wonder my kitchen floor still has crumbs on it from the Bush administration.

Also, I’m Batman.

I’m kidding.  I WISH I was Batman.  He has a butler.

……..All I have is Leonard, the alcoholic unicorn who does my excess drinking.

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