So I don’t have to.

….at least, not as much.  Wine is expensive.  Not that I drink the expensive stuff. It’s just that enough of the cheap stuff gets expensive too.  Plus I only have one liver.

One liver and one ceramic unicorn is an acceptable compromise.

It’s called delegating*, people, and it’s just good management skills.

*YOU might call it something else.  I’m sticking with “delegating”


Leonard has reminded me that he is in fact made of resin, and is not ceramic, and he is frankly disappointed I would make such an obvious mistake when I claim to care about him so much, but it’s ok, he’ll just lie here with his bottle of merlot and not make a fuss about it.  But he’s not ceramic, he’s resin, which is much less fragile.

Except emotionally, apparently.

additonal addendum:

If you’re going to judge me for having imaginary conversations with my passive aggressive drunken unicorn, you should probably stop reading this blog now.  It’s not for you.

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