Because yes; yes we do live in a barn


Rabbits, I figured, were the perfect solution.

Offspring #2 has a dog phobia ….well not so much phobia as whatever the fancy Latin word is for deep, deep loathing ….. and Husband has a cat allergy.  Fish aren’t cuddly, dwarf hamsters bite, and mice smell.  We did have some success with an elderly guinea pig……

But rabbits.  EVERYONE loves bunnies!  Perfect family pets.  Bunnies.

And mostly they are.  They’re cute and entertaining and don’t bark.  They use the litter tray (mostly) unless they get pissed off about something and then they just kick it around everywhere.  They live in a pen in the corner of the living room because They Are Part Of The Family and the rescue shelter made me sign a nine page document saying so and spelling out exactly how pampered they had to be.

You know what makes a mess though?  Hay.  The hay gets everywhere.  Offspring #3 replenishes their hay twice daily and it gets ALL over the rug.

I’ve gotten used to it.  Yeah, you can get used to hay perpetually on the living room rug and a few random bits of rabbit poo here and there (but it’s MOSTLY in the litter tray!!)  Oh, and a litter tray in the corner of the living room.  You can get used to that too.  You can get used to anything, apparently.  But then people come over, people who DON’T have house bunnies, and after they leave I wonder, should I apologize for the hay and bunny poo on the floor??

And then Leonard just looks at me and drinks some more.

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