Because good grief Donald Trump is president there is not enough wine in the WORLD……


…….but there might be just enough rum. Maybe. Leonard will have to get back to you on that.

Look, I’m sorry America, but WTF?  When what appeared to be a joke of a campaign lasted more than five minutes, I thought to myself: “Ah well, sooner or later (and probably sooner) he’ll do or say something so egregiously horrendous that he’ll have to drop out and stop stealing focus from the serious candidates”.  And then I went back to my telenovela* of a life because I really didn’t have time to deal with The Donald too.

But of course he did.  Say and do. Again and again.  I still can’t quite believe his mocking of a disabled reporter wasn’t ALONE more than enough.  Just really nasty stuff.  And yet……  really, WTF?

I get there’s a whole crowd so rabidly anti-Hilary (not a big fan myself) that they’d vote for anyone over her (ANYONE.  Big Bird.  The demon Crowley, King of Hell.  The dust bunnies under my coffee table.  Anyone) but come ON.  How did we not all collectively decide that almost any random Republican on the street (or in a bar) wouldn’t be a preferable candidate to this misogynist,  arrogant, narcissist?

Look, I hope he’s not a total disaster.  I DID always think that the silver lining of a Trump presidency would be that Saturday Night Live might be funny again.  And I’m sure the more he throws petulant toddler tantrums over that**, the funnier they will get.  Comedic opportunities aside however, all I can say is – between this and THIS,  I’m calling imminent apocalypse.

Drink up, Leonard.


* I WAS going with “Jerry Springer show of a life”, but my situation is less obesity and breaking chairs over people’s heads; and more intrigue, exotic accents, and smoldering glares.  Also we dress better and have all our own teeth.***

** Oh grow up and shut up, Donald.  This goes with the political territory.  Carry on, Mr Baldwin.

*** Yes, I’m footnoting a footnote.  I’m also being extra snarky.  It’s just one of those days and besides, I feel bad leaving Leonard to drink alone at a time like this.  The reproachful glances are heartbreaking.


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